Food Craving Crazy

Food Craving Crazy

cravings Oct 18, 2016


Do you feel like this when you have a craving?  I know I have in the past.  Scrambling late at night rifling through every cupboard 10 times looking for chocolate or whatever else I may have been craving.  I have even been known to throw the evil food in the garbage to stop myself from eating it and then later rifling through the garbage to find it.  

These are not bright shiny moments for me but they are my reality and I know I'm not alone. I know that many can relate.  In fact, if you have or have had some not so stellar moments around food I can relate as I have probably done it or at least thought of doing it.  Food is supposed to nourish us, be enjoyable and create community.  It's not supposed to be surrounded by guilt, shame, and horribly debilitating physical symptoms.  One of the things that can help with this is understanding that sometimes these behaviours are created by physical things that are going on.  So let's look at some of those a little deeper.

 I believe that almost everybody has had a food craving at one point in time. In fact, I believe most of us struggle with dealing with food cravings including me.  Here is the thing, when you give in to a craving it's very common to feel a lot of guilt around it but that is just wasted negative energy.  I consciously chose daily to limit negative thoughts and very specifically around food.  

So let's talk about why I believe guilt around food and cravings is wasted energy.  When we crave something our body is trying to tell us something.  So become your own researcher.  

Reason's why 

  1. Opioids - when you eat simple carbohydrates or foods high in sugar your body produces opioids.  This is the same chemical that is found in heroin and cocaine.  Yikes!  This makes want more of those foods.
  2. blood sugar imbalances -  excess insulin production creates symptoms of weight gain, sugar cravings and intense hunger even after eating.  When you eat high glycemic foods or when you eat at the wrong time such as eating small meals all day this increases the production of insulin which leads to insulin resistance. This means that your blood sugar will remain too high for too long and that leads to diabetes.  Insulin resistance means that the blood sugar that is circulating doesn't make it into the cells.  Your body will try to to get the blood sugar it needs for energy and therefore it will tell you to eat more.  This just makes everything worse.  
    • complete this questionnaire to see if you have a blood sugar imbalance.
  3. depleted key nutrients - you may be depleted of key nutrients.  Chromium, magnesium, glutamine, zinc, DHA (omega 3) and the B vitamins are all necessary for your body to be sensitive to insulin so it can clear your blood sugar efficiently. 
    • it's important to have a diet full of anti-oxidant rich foods such as raw nuts and seeds, amazing greens and a variety of beautifully coloured vegetables every day.
  4. Stress - Stress and worrying can trigger food cravings.  There is a physiological explanation and psychological.
    • one of the common signs of adrenal fatigue is cravings for foods high in salt, sugar, or fat.
  5. If you are an emotional eater and you have a common food that is a  go-to food for you, that becomes a habit and a habit is a trigger.  Work on reframing your habit.  That is, decide in advance what you are going to do instead of eating and then when you have that emotional trigger you do something different.  Some ideas are to go for a short or long walk, listen to some great music, dance, call a friend, etc.  Choose something that is not food related but feels like a treat.

I created this infographic to show what your body might be missing when your craving.

Get your copy of Nourishing Everyday's Food Craving Chart 

 As you navigate some of your possibly uncomfortable symptoms remember that it's key to finding the root cause not just managing the symptoms.

With Grace & Gratitude,


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