Hypocrite or Human

Hypocrite or Human

I am sitting in my kitchen as I write this with my nose dripping and a sore throat.  Yes, I get sick too sometimes.  I certainly don't get sick as often as I used to but it does happen. 

Here I am blowing my nose.  Ugh!!!

Today I wanted to share openly about being human.

I have always been concerned that people would put me on a pedestal.  It's a long fall when someone is perceived as perfect.  I am far from perfect.  And, although there is a joke in our family about being "perfect", no one is perfect.  This is simply not possible being human.  I know that I can't live under that pressure. I don't want to.  I want to feel good that I am doing the best that I can but take away the pressure of being perfect.  

I pursued this career to help people not because I'm perfect at it but because I know it works.  I am very passionate about educating people so they feel empowered to make changes that positively affect their health. But, let's be honest I would never say that I live it perfectly. 

I struggled writing this post as I was afraid that some would see me as a hypocrite and pass judgement.  I have a very dear friend, Sophia Apostol who is a life coach that works with "CURVALICIOUS"  women around body confidence and dating (Stay tuned we are teaming up to do a webinar).  She really encouraged me to share from the heart.  It's so important to me to be open and honest and supportive of others that have chosen to walk this path.

Let me be completely frank with you.  I have the some of the same struggles as you do.  I am an emotional person and tend to eat my stress.  I have many memories when I was single of wine, bread, cheese and sappy movie nights with friends.  Now I know how bad that is and I have tools to help stop me from emotional eating but that doesn't mean I live it perfectly.  I tell my clients that it's not about being perfect but progress.  I live that as well.  I don't beat myself up when I make a choice to eat a bag of potato chips.  I believe there should be no room for guilt around food.  I make a conscious decision, live with the consequences and do what I can do eat healthier the next few days.   What I do know is that I eat my emotions less these days.

One of the things I also talk about is good, better and best choices.  When I am enticed to eat say chips or cookies then I try to come up with a better option.  I have that better option (could be an apple or a chocolate chia pudding) and then wait 20 minutes.  If I am still craving something like chips or cookies then I give myself permission to eat it.  What happens more times than not is I don't want it anymore.  My cravings have been satisfied.   I encourage you to try this and see if it helps you. Or come up with your own plan on how you will handle cravings and emotional eating.

It's so important to me that I don't put pressure on myself to be perfect (hard for a perfectionist) and truly believing that doesn't make me a hypocrite.  

Do you struggle with guilt around your food choices?  Take the pressure off.  Don't expect to be perfect.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.

 Learn to love your imperfections they are what make you superbly unique and beautiful.


Stay tuned my next blog post will give you some ideas of what certain cravings may mean and some better options. 

Take time to Nourish Your Everyday!


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