The Spring RebootRecipe: Experience Mind Revitalization

Nourish Your Everyday - The Spring Reboot Recipe: Experience Mind Revitalization:

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2017
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The web is full of diet blogs and nutrition advice. There are countless recipes for detoxifying drinks which make use of various natural ingredients that can remove various toxins and harmful molecules from our body resulting in blood cleansing and therefore a healthy body. But only a few people understand the true value of mind detoxification apart from body detoxification. A healthy mind reflects a healthy body. Therefore, a healthy body follows a healthy mind, and a healthy mind follows healthy thoughts.  Therefore, a positive mind is the prime determinant of the overall health. But how to maintain a positive mind in today’s acquisitive world?

I know that this doesn't come naturally for everyone.  I used to describe myself as a realist.  I didn't "candy coat" things or try to see the world through rose colored glasses like some people knew.  I saw them (my husband... LOL) as somewhat delusional.  

I remember at the beginning of my health journey I read a quote which I don't fully remember but the gist of it was something like this - how you chose to view a circumstance determines whether you see your life as bad or good.  I looked back and remembered a lot of negativity in how I viewed my circumstances.  I wanted my future memories to be much more positive.  So I know that this doesn't come easily to some but it is possible to choose differently.

So how do you maintain a positive mind in today’s challenging world?

 1. Adopt mindfulness:

I have emphasized the value of adopting a mindful approach in one of my posts. This approach utilizes matching the external with your internal. Concentrate on what’s happening around you and how it’s affecting your mental state. This will help you identify some negative elements around you which might be the reason for your disturbed subconscious state of mind. Identifying these negative elements will help you to modify them or remove them to achieve a positive state of mind. This is the first step towards detoxification of your mind.

 2. Adopt systematic approach:

An unorganized routine distracts your mind from your responsibilities. A diverted mind gets tired more easily & more often than a clear focused mind. Another step you can take is to organize your daily schedule. This doesn’t mean to create a ‘hard and fast’ schedule with accurate timings for your various daily performances. Allow flexibility in your routine but understand the difference between flexibility and chaos.

 3. Stop being ‘jack of all trades’:

You have been created to be a good human being. Therefore, adopting a robotic lifestyle is against nature and will only result in always feeling like you aren't successful. Perfection is merely an illusion.  I occasionally get caught up in the delusion of expecting perfection in myself.  Then, I remember that the people that I respect the most are the ones that are real, authentic and show all sides of themselves.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  It creates an overuse of the word should/should have.  Which in my book I consider a 4 letter word and only makes you feel like a failure.  What’s normal for the spider is a trap for a fly. Therefore, bring an end to the "inner human comparison" which your mind creates to achieve feeling superior. Your mind will temporarily get satisfaction, but chronic stress will result in a tired and a distracted mind.

 4. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery:

Remember this golden rule which we were taught when we were young? Drag your mind out of regret of past and anxiety for future as both are unalterable. When a regretful moment from past strikes your mind, reassuring yourself that you have learned from the past is an excellent trick to prevent the past from conquering your mindset at present. On the other hand, staying apprehensive about the future creates stress.  Chronic stress not only damages your mind but is also detrimental to your body’s health.

 5. Broaden and build:

The world can be an extremely selfish place to live in but reacting negatively neither changes the nature of the world nor is it healthy for your mind and body. It is unpractical to react positively in an off-putting situation as it’s against human nature. But maintaining positive thoughts will automatically create a positive exterior. Researchers have shown that the negative thoughts which your mind creates are so strong, that they dominate over all the positive options. On the other hand, positive thinking broadens your sense of possibilities and opens your mind, which then allows you to build new skills and resources that can provide value in other areas of your life.


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