Nourishing Everyday - Spring Reboot in 2017

Nourishing Everyday - Spring Reboot in 2017

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2017

Your 2017 Spring Reboot/Cleanse

You may be different than me, but when spring hits I feel renewed and refreshed. It is like a well is springing up in me! Inspiration, energy, & motivation are spilling over during this time.  At least that's what's happening in my head.  Your physical energy may still be in hibernation mode.  So it's a perfect time to focus on your health goals.

The spring is the perfect time to start your reboot/cleanse because you will likely stick to it! Here are some quick tips to get you started!

 It all starts with your diet

Get rid of all those foods that are processed or come in a can. This is a great way to eliminate toxins, improve digestion and balance your blood sugars. Eliminating things like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, soy, and eggs while you are on a spring reboot due to the allergens they contain.  Foods that are allergens can increase inflammation, wreak havoc on digestion, tax your adrenals, create blood sugar imbalance and rob your vitality.  They increase belly fat, brain fog and burn out.

It really helps to eat organic foods like veggies and fruits for a great start in your a spring reboot.

Show me the Green

Green foods are some of the best things you can eat. Foods like parsley, basil, spinach, kale, mustard greens, fennel, watercress, and asparagus. These are all great nutrient sources in your body. You can also eat foods like Swiss Chard and collards; These dark leafy greens make an excellent addition to any meal. They’re a great way to reduce toxins due to the chlorophyll in the leaves.

Get up and Get Moving

What you eat is important to your cleanse, but another is adding exercise to your detox. There are a lot of ways to do this, and it doesn’t have to be extensive. I love getting outdoors after a long winter.  Try nature walks, stretches, light yoga, or even dancing!  Just 30 seconds - 1-minute high-intensity burst exercise as soon as you get out of bed and an hour before bed help lower blood sugars and boost growth hormone.  You don’t need to exhaust yourself by running for 10 miles or long bike rides, this will only hinder your reboot. Your body will be working hard to remove toxins, it needs rest to restore, not to be depleted.

Meditate/Pray and Determine How Long Your Spring Reboot

Remember that a reboot is ultimately about you. It is for you and stress is a number one cause of inflammation of the body. Take time to breathe and relax! Then, think about how long you reboot/cleanse. A good start would be 10 days, it’ll help you see and feel changes and get all the effects. It takes time to adjust, break habits, and see what a spring reboot does for you.

Want to start your reboot/detox? Let Nourishing Everyday help! We have new spring detox programs just for you!

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