Tips on Eating Healthy When Travelling

Tips on Eating Healthy When Travelling

I am in California this weekend doing some professional development. I thought I would share some simple strategies that I use to ensure I eat healthy when flying and staying in a hotel.

This certainly isn't an exhaustive list of tips so if you have some great ideas why don't you share them on my Facebook page.

Today I am short on time as I am heading to my workshop.

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I mention some recipes in this video so stay tuned for my next blog where I will share these with you. For now here are some tips on eating in restaurants.

Tips for Eating in Restaurants


  • Pass on the bread basket
  • Order half portions when possible
  • Don't leave portion control up to your willpower. It's easy to keep eating until you can't eat anymore. Your best option is to order half portions whenever possible. Also, consider ordering an appetizer for your meal.
  • Order dressing and sauces on the side
    • For dressing or other dippable sauces order it on the side so you can regulate—and easily understand—how much you're using. In fact, skip the dressing and request olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon or balsamic vinegar
    • Or, take your own oil and vinegar in small containers. Salad dressings are often made with cheap rancid oils.
  • The sides are often the worst part of a meal
    • Most sides you get at a restaurant are fried or at least covered in some type of sauce or cheese. Choose a side salad or mixed vegetables.
  • Not all “healthy” food is healthy at a restaurant
  • A number of foods we think of as healthy aren't at certain restaurants. Sushi, for instance, is often supersized to twice the normal proportion and filled with mayo or fried fish.
  • Skip the soda
  • Soda isn't healthy and is full or sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Eat a Snack First
  • Eating something an hour before you get to a restaurant is the best way to avoid cravings and impulse decisions. Try an apple with almond butter, vegetables with hummus or a Go Raw real live bars are great options.
  • Navigate the Menu
  • Make protein and produce the basis of your meal. It’s easier to navigate the menu when you’re looking for servings of protein (chicken, fish, beef, etc…) and any sort of produce (salad, veggie sides, etc…) that appeals to you.
  • Look for the simplest sounding food on the menu.

The Questions You Should Ask

  • if you want to keep the meal healthy you have to ask questions. Shelve your pride and ask some questions.
  • What can I get instead of fries?
    • What vegetables can I get with that?
    • Do you offer half portions?
  • Tweak the Menu with Substitutions and Requests
  • Even with knowledge of a menu, you still might not find a super healthy option.
    • Hold the butter: Restaurants often use more butter in your single meal than you probably do at home for an entire week. Asking them to hold off on it will cut the fat content and calories.
    •  Skip the extras: Cheeses, bacon, or mayonnaise are all pretty enticing when you're ordering but most restaurants pack on more than a single serving which can add unneeded fat and calories to your otherwise healthy meal. These food are also pro-inflammatory and are best avoided.
    • Find the best dips: stick with dips like guacamole or hummus when you have the option. As you are already passing on the bread ask for cucumbers or other veggies in place of pita bread for dipping.
    • You're better off getting items that are cooked healthfully (i.e.: grilled, broiled, etc).

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