You Are Enough- Today, Tomorrow & Everyday forward

You Are Enough- Today, Tomorrow & Everyday forward

Nourish Your Everyday

I spent Saturday at the Women's Wellness Conference put on by 2GFitness. It was a small group of ladies that met to exercise and learn more about health.  The speakers were fantastic. I have spoken with Rosalyn in the past and she has a great message around body image and emotional eating.  This is definitely a message that many of us need to hear.

Maria Ellis the founder of MariaMichelle Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching and a fabulous motivational speaker.  Her talk was titled "You Are More Than Enough"  she had each woman stand at a mirror and share at least one thing they loved about themselves.  Using the question "What do you see?"  I was struck by how difficult this was for just about everyone in the room.  It broke my heart to see so many amazing women struggle with finding something positive to say about themselves.  She then had each woman say that they are enough right now, tomorrow and every day in the future.  I am always very touched by others emotions and I shed tears as I watched each woman share.  

I have to admit that I struggle with the idea that I am enough just the way I am.  I always feel I should be doing more and doing it better.  I know I am not alone in this.  I struggled even more with this when my body was failing me.  I felt that not only was I not enough I couldn't accomplish what I felt was the bare minimum.  My body was failing me and I had so much shame around that.  Why did it appear that everyone else had their shit together but I was frankly a hot mess, so I tried to hide it.? This isolated me and I ended up feeling very alone and defeated.

So what changed for me.  The first thing I did was find a practitioner that could actually help me with my energy.  I knew that I needed to work on my health first and find out what the underlying cause was for my low energy.  When my energy increased I stepped out and started to tell people about what was going on and you know what?  I wasn't the only one, I wasn't alone with my health struggles.  I surrounded myself with people that were taking the same journey and it made the world of difference.

I really worked on my inner voice and didn't allow the negative, self-hating thoughts anymore.  I set a rule that I couldn't say to myself anything other than what I would say to my best friend.  I started replacing those negative thoughts with positive and uplifting thoughts.    In fact, I took a list of positive things about me and I posted them on my bathroom mirror.  I said these out loud (some days very loud) every morning and every bedtime.  I consciously changed the voice in my head.  This was crucial for me turning my health around.  I encourage you to do the same thing.

Yesterday I was journaling (this is a new thing for me)  and I asked myself the question "do you really believe that you are enough?"  The answer that I came up with was YES!!! I do believe that.  I do believe that there are so many beautiful, unique and amazing qualities that are me.  But, I don't always FEEL that way.  There is a difference between core beliefs and feelings.  I get to choose my beliefs about myself.  I may not always "feel" like I am enough or I may focus too much on what is often defined as my "negative" qualities.  That's part of the ups and downs of life.  So I am choosing to let go of the fleeting and destructive feelings of not being enough and go back to my core beliefs about myself.

I encourage you to truthfully define your core beliefs about yourself.  If you are struggling try a little exercise that I was encouraged to do.  Email your friends and family and ask them to list your 3 best qualities.  You will end up having a fantastic week as your email will be flooded with love, honesty, and beauty from your loved ones.  They see you. They love you.  They honour all your greatness.

I also encourage you to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself what you love about yourself.  Tell yourself that you are enough today, tomorrow and every day forward.

With grace & gratitude,



Women’s Wellness Conference

Christiane Panesar - Nutritionist Panel from Heart Food

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