Nourishing Conversations

Squats in the Bathroom, huh?

 This is such a simple quick activity that you can add to YOUR every day.  A simple thing that you can work on Nourishing Your Everyday to boost energy, lose belly fat and lower your blood sugars.  The challenge can be remembering to do these.  When I worked in a cubicle I got caught a few times doing squats in a dress.  The look on people's faces when they came around the corner and found me doing squats was pretty comical but made me a bit self-conscious.  So I tied my burst exercises to going to the bathroom.  Every time I had to go to the bathroom I would drink  a full glass of water and then I would do squats in the bathroom. So if you decide to do squats in the bathroom I won't be the only one.  LOL

What is burst training & why should you care?

Burst training or burst exercises are very short and intense bouts of exercise.  Any exercise that is done at near-maximum effort for 30-60 seconds counts as short burst training.


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