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Blood Sugar Balance & Juicing - Yes or No

I often get asked what I think about juicing so I thought I would lay it out today. Blood sugar balancing is key for many  health conditions.  In fact, it's the base of what I do for most clients.

Whether you are a type 2 diabetic or have the some of following symptoms:

  • turn into Danny Devito because you get hangry if a meal is postponed or missed.  You get headaches and/or shaky if a meal is missed
  • you crave sweets and/or carry extra weight at your middle

Complete the Questionnaire below and see if you have imbalanced blood sugars.

Benefits of Juicing

  • add a ton of extra nutrients 
    • it takes only a few minutes a day to get the equivalent of a couple of pounds of veggies
    • nutrients are absorbed immediately and easily as there is no fiber slowing things down
  • an excellent part of cleansing
    • we live in a toxic world and your liver can only handle so much
    • it's very healthy to give your digestive tract a rest occasionally and juicing does that

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