Nourishing Conversations

Hypocrite or Human

I am sitting in my kitchen as I write this with my nose dripping and a sore throat.  Yes, I get sick too sometimes.  I certainly don't get sick as often as I used to but it does happen. 

Here I am blowing my nose.  Ugh!!!

Today I wanted to share openly about being human.

I have always been concerned that people would put me on a pedestal.  It's a long fall when someone is perceived as perfect.  I am far from perfect.  And, although there is a joke in our family about being "perfect", no one is perfect.  This is simply not possible being human.  I know that I can't live under that pressure. I don't want to.  I want to feel good that I am doing the best that I can but take away the pressure of being perfect.  

I pursued this career to help people not because I'm perfect at it but because I know it works.  I am very passionate about educating people so they feel empowered to make changes that positively affect their...

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